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Marketing & Advertising

New Age Marketing

The world is 'Digital' Yes! round and transitioning into digital, and so are many businesses. In fact today digital media is at the very forefront of marketing leaving behind age-old traditional media powerhouses such as TV, Radio, Yellowpages and newspapers.
Digital media marketing is a form of marketing influenced via a variety of social media platforms and digital tools using the Internet as a content awareness platform.

Evolve or be left behind!, The reason most companies today are opting for a social media marketing strategy is because it is proving to reap great benefits for not only marketers but also consumers.
From start-ups and small scale businesses to large scale corporations, everyone has realized the massive and true potential of Digital media, which is constantly morphing and evolving into meeting our advertising and marketing needs leaving us with endless prospects.
Ultimately the ball rolls down to COntent, Content, Content and the value we can derive from it.

Content Syndication

Digital Marketing

In today's world organizations keep increasing their budgets and always have to find innovative ways of mapping out various strategies to keep up with its subscribers, cleansing for subscriber accuracy, improve hygiene and boost subscribers to keep up with garnering in more prospective buyers for various advertising promotions. Kainos Analytical digital teams put together publication platforms that connect internal and passionate bloggers from across the globe under assigned categories hence increasing its capacity to generate a larger subscriber base that ensures accuracy of its leads and places your brand in front of an audience at any given time to ensure that we can cope up with promotions and keep delivering. With our increasing subscriber base and reduced costs for accuracy / maintenance we can keep up with syndicating promotions that also include white papers, case studies, eBooks, webinars, etc through email and telemarketing.


Through our teams we can pace up your promotions and get you leads under various categories which include Market ready, sales ready, or even prospective buyers that have a budget, authority to make a decision, specifics around a need and time line when they intend to make a purchase.

Data Enrichment

With data being an integral part and a base for most advertising promotions our teams can generate net new contacts of businesses with decision makers or specific locations required for targeting. We can append large data bases and deliver in the way your teams need them with business card details outlined.

Multi Touch Marketing

If you need to use a double touch promotion method to further verify intent around brand messaging we can get them done based on your planned campaign strategy - this can include sending email promotions first and then touch base using telemarketing or vice versa using telemarketing then send email promotions.

Account Based Marketing

If you already have a mapped out target list for your sales teams then we can be a perfect fit to ensure that we deliver the right contacts that will fit in and increase your sales team's tractions.


If you need business intelligence information around your competitors then we could dig into accounts or a specified target audience and send details that will help your sales teams.
Examples:- for companies providing antivirus , VOIP, CRM's we could let you know who is in-charge of renewals in companies, when are they up for renewals , what they are currently using, and add in more information that we need.